Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my feelings

I’ve been trying to kick this habit
for a solid decade or two
maybe I should just let it be apart of me
but then I can’t be apart of you

I’ve cried, and wept, and screamed
but help, it never came
it just keeps pulling me down
my tears keep falling like rain

but through these tear soaked hands
and through these swollen eyes
I’m trying to make my voice sing out
in one last insincere lie

there’s hope, people say
there’ll be hope when I’m dead
but I can’t stand to be apart from you
I gotta get this poison out of my head

this addiction, it has me wrapped around it’s fingers
crushing soul and bone
but this ship, it’ll float just a few more days
i’ve gotta make it home.

I won’t ask for forgiveness again
it’s been too many times.
I’ve lied and stole to much grace
so consider as my last words these lines.

I’ll give you my heart if you’ll have it.
stains and scars and all
will you have it? will you have it?
one day, next to you can I stand tall?

these chains bind my body
and I don’t see no more hope.
but, dammit, I need you.
but I am lost and I am broke.

will you take me? knowing I’ll fail?
knowing that I will break your heart?
will you hold me, sing to me?
show me the light in all this dark?

I’ll give you what little there is left.
and, one day, maybe these chains will free.
because this addiction

can’t keep you from me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A quick update. Again.

I'm still here. =] Inder is still undergoing editing. I can't push those I don't pay, so it may be another week or two of that, and then I'll revise it. Hopefully another month and it'll exist on Amazon.

I'm going to edit Gale slightly, slap on the new cover, and offer it for free. Soon. So don't hold your breath, I don't want to be responsible if you pass out.

I've been re-working The Billows around in my head, letting it roll and seep. I am really excited about it, I have some pretty decent ideas about where I could take it. It seems to be moving fast, and those who have read the rough draft seem to really like it. One day. One day we will actually get it to see the light of day.

I currently write on Windows on draftin.com. Seriously considering switching my main writing laptop over to Ubuntu. My one drawback is the lack of OneNote on Ubuntu - I know I could replace it with zim or something, but I really like the functionality that one note has.

Maybe one day. Or I can dual boot. Wubi it up or something.

But, I'm rambling. Sorry about that.

Much loves and peace out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An update of sorts.

I'm still alive.

And writing.

Inder, the second short story, is currently undergoing editing, and Gale is getting a new cover thanks to Dan Scully! Check out his webcomic here: Mealstorm.

Still working on the novel. Slow going, but it's going.

We just had kid #2 be born a month ago, so trying to find time is getting harder. But I still exist, I promise!

Much loves.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Another update.

Inder is done being wrote!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inder - an update.

Just a quick update!

Inder is well under way. Probably 30% done right now, it will be somewhat longer than Gale (probably by about 5,000 words). It follows an Empire soldier named Inder, and an outbreak of mutants in a town several hours from his military outpost.

I'm having fun writing it. =]

Out soon!

Also, if anyone wants to help with cover art, lemme know.



Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hey again!

The novel is almost at 20k words. I've decided to write a short story to celebrate every 10k words in the novel. This means the novel will come out slower, but there will be a new short story out every week or two!

The new short story is called 'Inder'. It will follow a young Empire guard who gets caught up in an augger hunt. So, snag up a copy, and learn what an augger is! You won't be disappointed. The first novel revolves entirely around one of these mysterious beings.

Also, Gale will be free Monday through Friday this week on Amazon! Snatch up a copy! Leave some hate mail!

Inder will most likely be offered free through me, once complete. I hate even charging for Gale. Blame Amazon for not allowing free books except through their price match option thing. If enough people are interested in Gale for free, we can go that route with Gale. 

So, The Billows: coming soon!

Much love. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gale, released!


I just released "Gale" for purchase through Amazon for $.99.

I would've done free, but they don't allow below $.99. So, sorry!

Brief synopsis, and this may contain spoilers:

A woman named Gale is being chased through a crumbling suburb by men who sought to sell her on the slave market. After a long pursuit, Gale is able to give them the slip, but not before one of them succumbs to the environment.

Gale takes what supplies she can from the cadaver before setting out to try and free the other women who were being held captive.

It's short, only about 5,000 words, but it's fun. There's plenty of killing towards the end. =]

Thanks! J.A.