Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hey again!

The novel is almost at 20k words. I've decided to write a short story to celebrate every 10k words in the novel. This means the novel will come out slower, but there will be a new short story out every week or two!

The new short story is called 'Inder'. It will follow a young Empire guard who gets caught up in an augger hunt. So, snag up a copy, and learn what an augger is! You won't be disappointed. The first novel revolves entirely around one of these mysterious beings.

Also, Gale will be free Monday through Friday this week on Amazon! Snatch up a copy! Leave some hate mail!

Inder will most likely be offered free through me, once complete. I hate even charging for Gale. Blame Amazon for not allowing free books except through their price match option thing. If enough people are interested in Gale for free, we can go that route with Gale. 

So, The Billows: coming soon!

Much love. 

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