Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my feelings

I’ve been trying to kick this habit
for a solid decade or two
maybe I should just let it be apart of me
but then I can’t be apart of you

I’ve cried, and wept, and screamed
but help, it never came
it just keeps pulling me down
my tears keep falling like rain

but through these tear soaked hands
and through these swollen eyes
I’m trying to make my voice sing out
in one last insincere lie

there’s hope, people say
there’ll be hope when I’m dead
but I can’t stand to be apart from you
I gotta get this poison out of my head

this addiction, it has me wrapped around it’s fingers
crushing soul and bone
but this ship, it’ll float just a few more days
i’ve gotta make it home.

I won’t ask for forgiveness again
it’s been too many times.
I’ve lied and stole to much grace
so consider as my last words these lines.

I’ll give you my heart if you’ll have it.
stains and scars and all
will you have it? will you have it?
one day, next to you can I stand tall?

these chains bind my body
and I don’t see no more hope.
but, dammit, I need you.
but I am lost and I am broke.

will you take me? knowing I’ll fail?
knowing that I will break your heart?
will you hold me, sing to me?
show me the light in all this dark?

I’ll give you what little there is left.
and, one day, maybe these chains will free.
because this addiction

can’t keep you from me.

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